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What is "arXiv tag"?

A web-service for monitoring paper submissions at

  1. View the most relevant papers on top of the list.
  2. Never miss the interesting submission with automatic bookmarks.
  3. Receive an email once the paper of your topic is submitted.


Tags - the key feature

Define simple rules with keywords for the paper title, abstract and author list.
ArXiv tag assigns topic tags for each paper automatically.

The tag order defines papers on top of your feed.

Tag rules supports logical "and", "or" and "negation",
RegExp is available for advanced users.

Precise fine-tuning for any topic is possible.
Some hints and examples will help with rule creation.

Use case 1:
In high energy physics there are ~1500 submissions per month. The experiment is titled "T2K".
ArXiv tag shows 2 papers that mention the experiment on top of the heap.

Use case 2:
Don't like particular topic e.g. astrology?
Setup the tag that accepts everything mentioning astrology and switch the visibility off (next feature).

Paper feed

Easy control of the:
category, novelty, cross-category papers, tags.

Visibility settings are saved for the session.


Papers suitable with a given tag can be bookmarked automatically.

Imagine, you haven't visited arXiv for a while. What did you miss?
arXiv tag saves papers of interest for you!

The labels indicate number of new submissions.

Email notification

Setup the notification for the submission of the papers suitable with a given tag.

/Light and dark theme

Choose your favourite color scheme for the website.

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